My Superhero Friends Foundation Inc, (MSFFI) is a private non-stock and non-profit organization that is already duly accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission. MSFFI was founded on June 8, 2008 by Mr. Michael V. Maranan, President of the Maranan’s Group of Companies

Since 2008, we have already extended numerous scholarships to various impoverished communities in the Philippines. We go by the motto of “Helping Hand with a Heart”. We are delivering Hope, Service and Assistance to private individuals and families who have been affected by cancer specifically breast Cancer, Rare disease, Scholarships and Feeding Program. My Superhero Friends Foundation Inc. has been active in several programs including the Act of Random Kindness program that provided numerous feeding program and livelihood programs in different parts of the Philippines together with Batangas Bikers Club, Fat Bike Brotherhood and WeeXpress.

We also do regular feeding programs in local communities and create information awareness to enhance the level of knowledge of localities that we are visiting. We are also geared towards empowering the minds of Filipinos to create aware and able individuals who can contribute to the success of the Philippines.