“ Piso Isang Kilometro” Cycling Expedition:
The cycling expedition titled “Piso Isang Kilometro” will start on Oct. 27, 2017, from Luneta and will end in Davao City on November 2, 2017. The donations that will be received because of this event would be given to the beneficiaries and scholars of the foundation.

Pinay Wonderwoman Ameera Johara set to attend the My SuperHero Friends Foundation Inc. Historic Expedition in Luneta

Movie for a Cause- Justice League
Staying true to her character, Ameera Johara, wants to spread the culture of kindness, awareness, and mindfulness for issues that matter in the Philippines. Wonderwoman is a symbol of courage, faith and unwavering love for mankind.
The My SuperHero Friends Foundation Inc. and 88 Ace Productions invited Ameera Johara and she responded with the aim of helping spread the word about positive advocacies in the Philippines. The cycling expedition is historic, and the set of bikers who will ride is set to accomplish a historic feat by using fat bike.